Fall is my favourite time of year. The crisp air in the morning and the cooler evenings. Right now we are having an Indian Summer. I can’t complain as we didn’t have much of a summer, with all the rain.
I’m busy knitting for the Fall weather. Cardigans, shawls and ponchos are all the rave this year. I’m working on a shawl with the beautiful Sugarbush Rapture. This pattern is a very large shawl and will work well draped on my couch. This yarn is lovely to work with.
I love to knit cardigans. This is my favourite thing to knit. The pattern must be a top down or bottom up pattern as I don’t enjoy sewing pieces together. I find top down and bottom up knit quicker for me. I can also watch a movie while working on my sweater.
This Thanksgiving will be different for my family this year as my boys will not be with us. They are starting their tour with their band Dizzy, travelling through the States and Canada. This is an exciting time for them. My daughter is also busy working as a photographer, her weddings are starting to wind down now for the summer. Therefore I will not be cooking! Yeah! My husband and I may go out for Thanksgiving dinner. This will be a first in the Spencer Family.
The shop will be closed Thanksgiving Sunday and Monday. Hopefully the weather will stay beautiful.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. In the meantime I will get back to my knitting in my shop. My Happy Place.
Happy Knitting!

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