Today is the one year anniversary of my Father’s passing. This year is going by so quickly. He is in my thoughts everyday. He was always there for me. He taught me how to drive and then later on he taught me how to drive a standard transmission. We did bunny hops all across Oshawa, but I was determined to learn. We had a few laughs.
When my first romance ended, he was there to console me. Crying on his shoulder at 4 am. when he came home from a nightshift from G.M. My Mom was in the hospital. He had a lot on his plate but he was there for me.
He always asked me if I was all right and I would answer “Yes I’m fine.”
When I had my first baby boy, he asked me how he should diaper a boy. He had four girls.
He bought me my first tennis racket at Eatons when I was taking lessons.
He promised to build me a cradle when my daughter was born. I had a beautiful bassinet which he painted for me.
I miss him. His grin and his love.
I’m doing great Dad. You would be proud!
Your daughter,

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