I love to teach the craft of knitting. Whether it be beginner, socks, faire isle, cabling, chart reading,
lace work and whatever someone wants to learn. I love to share my knowledge of the craft of knitting.
To see the smiles on peoples faces when they have mastered a sock or a dishcloth. This is my passion and I love it.
I also have a teacher for crocheting. Catherine learned to crochet before she learned to knit. She is an awesome teacher.
I therefore, learned to knit before I learned to crochet.
I love to help anyone with their projects, whether it is deciphering a pattern or correcting a mistake. I’m in the shop from Tuesday to Sunday.
So hopefully I can be there either to teach a class or encourage people to never say never when it comes to knitting. It’s practice. The more you knit or crochet the better you become.
So, keep on with the crafts. It’s great for your brain, stress and very therapeutic. It also helps with arthritis.
I’m off now, to go home, relax and knit!
Happy Knitting my friends.

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