Winter Wonderland

I’m at the shop today. Yes, I am open on Sunday. It’s a very cold day today. It’s snowing outside my shop window. This gives me Christmas spirit. So in my shop today, since it’s cold and the Santa Claus parade is on in Toronto, I’ve decided to focus on decorating the shop while listening to Christmas music.
I’m knitting Christmas trees for my window. I’m not much of a window dresser, but I do try.
My family is in the process of moving, packing and throwing out old tut as my mother-in-law called stuff that wasn’t worth saving. You do accumulate a lot of stuff in fourteen years in a home. We are being ruthless and also wondering why we kept a lot of these items. It’s a great way to declutter.

Christmas time is a special time to spend with family and friends. I will be busy settling into my new neighbourhood.
This is an exciting time for us, as my children call it a New Chapter in the Spencer Family. This is true as we will be focusing on a New Chapter in Wool on William also. I will be focusing entirely on Canadian yarns. Canada will be celebtating 150 years this year, so it makes sense to focus on Canada.

It’s time to close until Tuesday. I will also be knitting Christmas gifts tonight and packing. Yes I love this time of year!

Enjoy the season!

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