The Fall weather is here. Cool, crisp mornings are perfect for walking my pups. The leaves are gradually turning colour and this gives me some inspiration for knitting Fall cardigans and mitts and hats for Christmas.
This is my favourite time of the year. My son’s girlfriend was here from Australia for a month and she was so excited to wear sweaters and jackets as she is so used to the Australian climate.
Sadly, she had to leave for home yesterday and my son said it was the hardest thing he had to do, to watch her walk through the gates to board the airplane. We will miss her also as she became part of our family for a month.
I managed to knit a shawl for her as her Winters are like our Fall, cool in the evenings.
As the days go by, I’m busy at the shop teaching. People are eager to learn. There are many lovely things you can knit for Christmas, whether it be socks, mitts and hats. Cowls and shawls are a big item to knit or crochet for the cold weather ahead.
I’m currently working on a vest, car coat, three shawls and a hat. Every knitter has many projects on the go. I do get bored with my projects, so I switch back and forth.
I also sell some of my items in my shop.
Today I will be getting ready for my week ahead. Teaching sock knitting, how to knit, cables and reading charts for lace work. So much fun!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be thankful for what we have. I know I am!

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