Today is a special day for everyone. It’s a day full of love. You don’t have to be in a relationship to feel the love of the day. If you have family and friends to share this day with, then do so. Not by giving gifts but by just spending the day with them.
My Mom bought my Dad a Valentine card to take to him at the home in Port Perry. She buys one every year on this special day.
I will be spending the afternoon with him tomorrow. I can see it in his eyes that he is happy to see me. I miss him terribly. He has been getting good care out there and I am so appreciative for all the caring people who spend long days looking after my Dad.
He tells them stories about how he met my Mom. Apparently the girls get tears in their eyes as they listen to his stories. This is love.
Today, on this frigid cold day I’m spending the day in my toasty warm shop enjoying my accomplishments and knitting when I’m not busy getting ready for my week ahead of selling and teaching.
So stay warm and enjoy the love of the day.
Happy Knitting!

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