A good day to knit, crochet, tat, or needle work.

Today is a perfect day to stay indoors and do some type of craft, whether it be knitting, crocheting, tatting or any needlework.

I’m in the shop working on orders, knitting, and staying warm. We have been hit with the tail end of Hurricane Patricia. Lots of wind and rain. This is also a good day to sit in with a good book. I love to read. I think I knit more then I read, but I do love a good book, I’m currently working on a dinosaur sweater for Finn, my little nephew in Calgary.  I’m on the sleeves. It is the Wonderful Wallaby. A hoodie with the dinosaur on the pouch.

Enjoy your Wednesday and be grateful for what we have and yes we are having a horrible day weather wise , but it’s not a hurricane.

Happy Knitting

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